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Here are some of the key areas of design our projects have taken us. Below you’ll find FAQs on working with us, links to portfolios that show a selection of the type of work we’ve done and testimonials our clients have kindly provided.

  • Branding

  • Design for Print

  • Digital & Social Media

  • Direct Mail

  • Exhibition & Display

  • Magazines & Editorial

  • Youth & Learning

  • Other Services (Photography, Copywriting, Print)

Out of the Bleu

Our Portfolio


Design for Print

This is our specialism. Both directors have a background in design management within print companies and this proves time and time again, invaluable when designing publications with production and cost implications firmly in mind.


Youth & Learning

We are hugely experienced in working with charities and local authorities on youth publications and have done so for many years. From exciting schools’ magazines through to interactive classroom floors, we have a range of inspiring projects under our belt.



We can develop your brand from scratch, making you stand out with style and consistency across all your products, and we can even write brand guidelines for you. Or, if you have them in place as many of our clients do, we can work to them, whilst maximising creativity.


Direct Mail

Working with national and local charities regularly, we are experts in direct mail and can really get the message across. The achieved targets and response rates on direct mail packs we’ve worked on speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not sure how to go about working with us, or how the process begins, we hope these key FAQs will provide some useful info. Call or email Jayne if you have any further questions and she will be very happy to help.

Either call Jayne or drop her an email. She’ll then talk it through with you to find out more and ask the relevant questions so she has the information she feels she needs. She will then let you know what your options are, the best route forward and provide you with a quote.

Absolutely. One of the key reasons why we started the company and have chosen to remain small and humble, is the value we place on a human approach to design and the people like yourself behind the design needs. If for some reason it’s not feasible to meet in person such as distance or it’s an urgent job that doesn’t have time for us to travel to you, then we can chat on the phone or via facetime/skype. But of course, there is nothing like meeting face to face so that’s our ideal scenario, as long as the kettle is on.

We work with a range of clients from small start-ups to larger commercial companies, charities, universities and local authorities. No business is too small or too large.

Not at all. We absolutely love working with local businesses because we appreciate that popping in for a cup of tea and a chat through the design can be beneficial. The personal touch is why we started Out of the Bleu in 2001. That said, we do have clients who are further afield and we are always only a call, email or facetime away.

Once we’ve understood the brief, we think realistically about the time it will take and provide you with a quote with clear details of what this includes. Our expertise means we are efficient with our time and you’ll get the value of knowledge and experience. Like anything you will probably find someone cheaper but it’s not in our interests as a small company to inflate our prices, because the key to our success is long term relationships, reputation and repeat business.

Yes. Very. Working with local authorities and charities means this is often the way new projects come to us.

This is project dependent but our knowledge and experience means you’ll get an efficient turn around. If it’s something that is going to be printed we work backwards from the deadlines for print, proofing, design etc so we can advise what dates we need to adhere to and when we need to get cracking.

Yes, this is the benefit of working with us. We have years of experience working closely with our clients and their projects and really do offer a hand holding/project management approach. Part of our job is making your life easier in terms of the design process. Jayne will always be your point of contact and you’ll never be in a situation where you get pushed from one person to another or even worse you receive a generic email.

Once the job is finished we aren’t a company that will email you your files and then sign off. We appreciate we are only part of the process but our experience means we can pre-empt the next steps and guide you accordingly.

We’ve had many a call on a Friday afternoon from a new customer with this scenario. It can be really stressful for you and we will think of a logical plan of action to meet your deadline. So yes of course we can help. Being a small company we are flexible and can meet the demands when they are there.

We are familiar with brand guidelines and established styles. We can even design the brand guidelines for you so that everything we and anyone else produces for you is consistent.

Certainly. Perhaps you have an in-house design team but you just need to sub contract a project out. Or perhaps you’re self-employed or a small business that just needs a brochure designing. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many people over a range of design needs over the years and look forward to working with you on yours.

Yes. We work very closely with an excellent copywriter, Adam Marek, who has a wealth of experience in copywriting for a variety of businesses and charities with a successful track record for return. Jayne is also an award winning recognized photographer and has worked with many of our clients for their photographic needs. Adam and Jayne will often visit you together so that they can both hear the brief first hand and make sure the words, images and design gel perfectly.

Yes. Some of our clients have their own printers they use so we can provide the work in the right format for them. We will ask this in the beginning so that if necessary we can liaise with the printer to ensure we set up your designs according to the printer’s requirements. Alternatively, we have great print partners which means we can handle the whole process in one go.

Absolutely. We work with a number of clients that need their work for various online use, building a website, social media, emailable pdf brochure etc. We can provide you with the necessary files for print or in an online/digital format that works for either yourself or a web developer.

No. We believe in not being a jack of all trades and choose to focus on what we know best. Our niche is our experience in design for print. Part of what we do does include producing publications, brochures and social media tiles etc in a format that works for either yourself to use or a web developer to build your website.

Once the project has been fully paid for the files are yours. We archive all our work and may use some for our own publicity for Out of the Bleu.

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