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Kelly Haley
Marketing Executive at Check4Cancer

Jayne is an absolute graphic legend! When I started at Check4Cancer I was in need of a graphic designer who was very creative and got my vibe and the look I was after for Check4Cancer. Jayne is brilliant at turning around work with tight deadlines (sorry Jane!) Nothing is too much trouble (she is extremely patient) and she always delivers with the utmost professionalism. What I love about Jayne's graphic work the most is her creativity and she just 'gets' what I'm after, her illustrative work is also exceptional. Jane has produced a wide range of work for Check4Cancer from brochures to social graphics to infographics and illustration, her graphic work for us in raising awareness about cancer is extremely well received by all our customers across the sectors we deal in. If you want a graphic whizz, then Jayne is your (extremely lovely) lady - you will not be disappointed.